Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When in Rome (or at BWW)...

My husband works at BWW so it feels like we are BWW royalty once a store knows "corporate" is present.  I never have found anything eatworthy on their menu and we hate chains, but....I took the advice of many (including BWW) and now stick with wings, sports, and beer.  Or is it beer, sports and wings?  Anyway...we leave a happy family.  Darnit.  BWW rocks! wonder is...why does being at BWW bring out the BWW in me? For example, I privately name called my husband (in his ear so our squeak couldn't hear) for not manning up and just finishing the last wing.  What a ___!  As he said, you wouldn't say that if we were at Cafe Latte.  Why is that?!  It probably wouldn't have even come to mind.

So, then, after a free tasting if a Blue Moon seasonal (roy-al-ty along with all the other patrons), we got a free tasting of mozzarella sticks and I recalled why my husband holds my heart.  I was pregnant with #2 or maybe #3 and had a hankering for mozzarella sticks but we were driving #1 around for his "nap."  My love had me covered and swung into Arby's for a side kicker order of mozzie sticks.   Who knew that Arby's had them and was on our nap route?!  Geez, I live mozzie sticks.  Are they gluten-free?  Hmmmm...

Now...time to get back to the task at hand: wings, sports and beer.

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