Friday, May 31, 2013

Breakfast Out BEFORE School

We went to the Copper Dome this morning before school, a local breakfast joint.  We sometimes go in the summer on a day when I am not working, but never have during school.  I can't figure out why this seemed so extreme, but it was super fun and did feel a bit crazy!  The kids stole my bacon.

I was running errands this afternoon and nearly broke my (not exactly small) nose.  After filling up the car with some E85 to accommodate tomorrow's various suburban soccer games, I opened my door to get back in the car but apparently did not adjust appropriately as I didn't just bump my nose, I knocked the wind out of it swinging the car door open.  It really hurt.  I teared.  Thanks Dad for the snout.  I hope no one saw...

I also gave in, even though being a top notch clutterer, and picked up the pile that was growing on the end of the kitchen table.  It was so high, how couldn't someone have wanted to make its sprawling nature into the boys' dinner spots disappear?  I refuse, however, to put away the one remaining bag from our spring break trip (two months ago) of airplane fun after packing and unpacking round trip for myself and the kids.  I asked for help...with just this final bag.  How long will it sit on the landing?

Maybe we should go out for breakfast tomorrow...if only there was a money tree out back.

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