Wednesday, May 29, 2013


(Half way down the next block to the busstop, the kids and I smell bacon cooking in a neighbors's home)

Malin: Someone doesn't know it's a school day, Moooom.

That bacon sure smelled good. On my usual 8 block walk of the dogs after the bus picks up the kids, I got lost. I turned a block too soon. The dogs had pulled another way and I wondered why. I was lost in my thoughts of bacon and taking the time to smell it. Why can't I cook bacon on a school day? Wouldn't that be good? We had decided after smelling it that we might go out for breakfast before school on Friday...for the first time EVER. Crazy? Yup, I know. Back to getting lost. I look up as I don't see the two regular older ladies walking their dogs. That's weird.  Hey, there is our house. Oops. I turned a block too soon. We retraced our steps and got back on track as I chuckled at myself for this major dog walking faux pas (nope, I won't pun and point it out, but may pun now and then for those paying attention)...

Back to today's opening story, as I was walking up the correct block (because some apparently are incorrect when walking dogs in the morning), I got to thinking about humor and how without it, I'd have no persepctive, or at least no joyous perspective. I love joking and humor...even if only to myself. I get a kick out of humor. I was then wondering about people who have seemingly lost their sense of humor or just haven't laughed in a while as life gets too busy (to smell the bacon). What if I didn't have time to laugh at/with myself anymore?  That is when I will know I have the kids in too many activities, I decided.  But will I...will I know?

In my head, I am so right at that moment I was thinking...there she is...the Dog Walker (even my husband knew exactly who I meant when I recently admitted my disdain for this Dog Walker I have never really met)...damn the Dog Walker who ALWAYS is in my way. Only if today I hadn't gotten lost on the 8 block walk, I'd have beaten her to this corner and not had her be ahead of me carefully turning around with that vacant look she has while she just stops...right there a few paces in front of me with her little fluffy dog...requiring all other dog walkers to stop or create a dog jam of snarling yippers (for the record, I later on this very walk watched another dog walker having to do the same for the Dog Walker on another corner). At least she wasn't wearing that sun hat today...the one like a visor....with no top and a wide brim. What the heck is that kind of hat? Will I wear one walking my dog one day? Where are the two lovely older ladies with their dogs, by the way? One walks two and is followed by one walking a young, golden retriever who almost pulls her down (and sometimes does). I hope they are OK. I worry when I don't see them. bacon...that's right...that is the goal of "this." For me, "this" is about reminding my inner self, the one who curses the Dog Walker, to stop and smell the bacon....even on a school day. "This" is working to be sure I keep my sense of humor touchable and perhaps touching a few others with it who may have found theirs out of reach. my blog...Time to Smell the Bacon.

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